Are you concerned about the way you speak? Our specialised courses help you to fine-tune your speaking skills and to avoid many common pronunciation mistakes.

We appreciate that you can already speak English, but maybe you are looking to advance your skills to a fluent or native level.

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You are working in a very competitive environment and as Singapore is hub for many multinational companies your English skills are paramount. Are there situations where you are not being understood? Are you being judged unfairly?

Our goal is to equip you with the know-how, practice and tools to become more confident in your English pronunciation.

Presentation Skills

danstandThe fear of speaking to new people or in public is caused from a lack of self-confidence. Making mistakes or saying the wrong thing is something we try to avoid daily, and is the reason we don’t like public speaking.

Have the confidence to speak and be clear in pronunciation. Within this workshop you will learn how to articulate English words with confidence and have the tools to further improve your pronunciation. We look at the phonetic alphabet and relate it to common mispronounced English sounds here in Singapore. Everybody has a clear concept of most of the English sounds so we focus only the problematic ones.

After the initial introduction to phonetics, we will cover other voice mechanics and public speaking concepts.

Overall we aim to develop:

  • Self-confidence
  • Personal character
  • Distinct and correct enunciation
  • Correct pronunciation of English
  • The regular and unconscious habit of deep breathing
  • A speaking voice which is clear, agreeable and flexible
  • The ability to speak in public with fluency and impressiveness

The workshops are very interactive giving practice with a native English speaker as a role model.